Stiliana Alexieva

Coastal Fine Art on New Mediums: Fine Metal

Stiliana is an artist who relishes experimentation and her art is about the sensual, tactile empathy she has with her materials. She creates depth and texture using all manner of available modern materials - acrylics, wax, oxidants, combined with the glistening, translucent wetness of glazes.

Stiliana's most recent work is created on raw sheets of aluminium. She is challenged by the foreground and background effects that the metal surface allows her to explore. The fine metal art she produces brings a new dimension to traditional seascapes and costal fine art.

"I see my work as a medium of engagement and evolving language between the world and me." From an early age Stiliana was tutored by her father Jordan Alexiev, the renowned Bulgarian artist and sculptor. She trained in printmaking, computer design and later film and television. For a while she had her own TV show on Bulgarian television. Since moving to the UK she has made a living from her art.

"The experience of living through the collapse of communism left me free of convention. I don't allow myself to be restricted to any particular media."


Video of Stiliana and her inspiration