Richard Thorn

Richard grew up near to both sea and countryside. Dartmoor was a stones-throw away. Many visits to Dartmoor would set the tone for later subject matter in his work. Never-ending days spent on the beaches and coast would also provide images for his material.

The artist was initially influenced by the English painters: Turner, Constable and Cottman, (among others), but it was the American exponents of watercolour painting that would later guide his direction: Homer, Wyeth and Philip Jamison being principal figures.

Watercolour was and has been his preferred medium, but as his perceptions of the world developed and changed, he felt moving into different mediums would meet with this new way of describing his 'feelings' and vision.

Gouache, Watercolour inks, and acrylic brought new possibilities to his work - the creation of hues, tertiary colours and new textures would augment his paintings.

The subject matter remained the same but as the broadening of his art unfolded, he was able to bring new life, texture and depth to his painting.