Jane Vaux

Jane's work varies from quite realistic depictions to abstract. Her style is a freestyle that can span the broad range of subjects she likes to work with. Jane is always keen to incorporate light and movement as much as possible and enjoys using texture within her work. Acrylics are the dominant material used, but she is always keen to incorporate other mediums where appropriate, especially pastels and charcoals.

Jane is inspired by many subjects but her main focus is seascapes, landscapes and more recently cityscapes. A wealth of material in all of these subjects is of course available in and around her immediate area.

Jane is a member of Devon Artist Network, and Oxfordshire Artweeks. She has had many successful solo and shared exhibitions over the last ten years, in both Devon and Oxfordshire.

Jane holds independent art workshops and has regular classes in her Studio and Gallery. Jane keeps these as small as possible to ensure the atmosphere is unthreatening, relaxed and encouraging - this really seems to benefit her students in their creativity and growth. She has also been asked to speak and demonstrate at various art groups in the area.

Jane undertakes commissions and has successfully completed many over the last year, being rewarded by the pleasure these have brought to her clients.

As with any artist, Jane is constantly growing and learning more within her area of work. Jane's inspiration is kept alive by the constant change in our landscape and the pleasure obtained by capturing some of its beauty.