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Anna Keen

1986 -1992 l'Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts de Paris Atelier Carron Diplôme (felicitations du jury) (with distinctions)
Exhibitions and numerous group shows in the past 27 years where she has lived and painted in her studios in Italy, France and Holland and the UK.
Anna Keen has lived the sort of life every artist should. A spirit free of ties and ready to embark on the latest big adventure. She has rowed across the Lagoon in Venice to the Island of Infectious Diseases, wandered round Naples on a completely unplanned trip that included sliding down the deserted corridors of the Capo di Monte Museum to stand in awe in front of Caravaggio's magnificent flagellation of Christ.

You might suppose that she belongs in another more romantic age except that the golden light that suffuses her work is just as likely to fall on the concrete bleakness of an inner-city wasteland as a decorative and beautiful Roman ruin.

You will notice that in her latest work this light has a tendency to dissolve the details and that there is an urgent feverishness in her technique which belies her mastery of the art of painting forms and the ambiguous spaces that surround them.

Underlying is her ability to draw and the cool eye that can register and reinterpret her surroundings. As an artist, she has mastered these skills, ready to embark on her next big move - always ready to leave her comfort zone and experience something new. She is a great inspiration, the consummate artist.